General Information


Naturopathic medicine is the treatment and prevention of diseases by natural means. Naturopathic Doctors assess the whole person, taking into consideration physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. Gentle, non-invasive techniques are generally used in order to stimulate the body’s inherent healing capacity. Your Naturopathic Doctor will take a thorough case history, perform a physical examination, including when necessary, a breast exam, gynecological, rectal, prostate or genital exam. If your case requires, the Naturopathic Doctor may take blood and urine samples.

As a patient you will receive information about your diagnosis and/or treatment, alternative courses of action, the material effects, costs, expected benefits, risks, side effects and in each case the consequences of not having the diagnosis and/or treatment acted upon.

Naturopathic services can only be offered to patients residing in Ontario.

Payment options

Payment is due at the end of each scheduled appointment, including fees for service, prescriptions and laboratory tests. Payment is accepted with cash, debit and most major credit cards. Naturopathic services are HST exempt except for products sold, which will be subject to tax and have HST applied.


Naturopathic services are not OHIP covered.  However, some insurance coverage is offered through extended health benefits. Variability may exist between providers, hence it is best for you to contact your insurance directly to confirm the details. In some cases, direct billing is possible. Please consider asking about this option.


If you need to cancel or change your appointment, you will be given 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to make any changes. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full visit fee. 

Virtual care

Virtual care is available to all patients in Ontario wishing to receive naturopathic services from the comfort of their own home. The platform used is HIPPA compliant and provides security and confidentiality. Treatment plans, invoices, handouts and any other required documents will be forward directly through the online platform or via email. If you are interested in this service please contact me directly or book an appointment online

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