The 7-day detox program

Finally, The Kick-Start To Your Health You’ve Been Looking For

When you know “something is wrong” and no one is giving you any answers, that can be very overwhelming, I know.

Especially when you currently feel that things are ANYTHING but easy.

If you’re being honest, it downright SUCKS.

  • You spend hours & hours everyday looking in the mirror, hoping that just one day you will be happy with your body.
  • You are doing all the right things — avoiding sugar, not eating past 8pm, exercising at least 3d per week — but you’re simply NOT seeing the results.
  • You’ve read tons of posts on digestive health and weight loss support, and tried to follow those recommendations (your cupboard full of supplements proves that), but still, nothing is stable.
  • You’re so focused on getting back to “normal” and you’re worried you’ll never figure it out. Maybe waiting these feelings out is the answer. Spoiler: it’s NOT.
  • You’re not sure another course or program can help you, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

Maybe they’ve given you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits, or get overwhelmed.

I know what it’s like: I see my patients struggle with this over and over again, which is why I’m so excited to bring all of my expert solutions to YOU for a fraction of the cost.

My mission is to help all men and women regain control over their health and reap the daily benefits of doing so: Abundant Energy, Flat Tummy, Balanced Hormones, Regular Cycles, Stable Mood and Solid Sleep.


Antonia by the Lake

Hello, I’m Dr. Antonia Tsallas, ND, and I help both men and women, just like YOU, achieve optimal digestion and hormone balance  every day. I have years of experience targeting inflammation and addressing the root causes of illness.

I have built my career treating and supporting people with chronic pain and inflammation, mental health and auto-immune disease.

When I started practising, I quickly realized many underlying issues there are that cause chronic inflammation, and the horrible side effects that come with it. I wanted to find a way to get this information to you RIGHT NOW

A way where you could make a short-term commitment with dramatic results as well as offering you a very clear path of exactly how to get there.

Why? Because you know what happens when you learn to eat properly, avoid the trigger foods and keep your mood and mind stable:

  • You wake up every morning with actual ENERGY! Now you know exactly what foods are causing the bloating, the brain fog and the energy zaps and by simply removing them from your diet, within hours, you feel so much lighter!
  • You can fit into those clothes stuffed at the back of your closet and LOVE the reflection you see in the mirror.
  • You have more TIME to do the things you love and be 100% present with the people in your life, now that your hormones are back in balance.

Imagine Being Able To Wake Up With Abundant & Sustainable Energy In As Little As 7 Days. For Real.

Now You Can With The 7 Day Detox Program!

A 7-Day program that will change your health forever

This can be done completely on your own, with my guidance and shopping list, OR you can get 1:1 support by booking your appointment with me right now (in-office or virtually):

Will This Work For You, You Ask?

1. How long does it take?

As soon as you enrol, you get immediate access to the entire 7-Day Detox Program. This includes a 7-day meal plan with 10 easy-to-follow recipes, a shopping list of foods to have during your detox, and daily email support. If you want my medical support, we just need to book your initial visit, and I will get the rest ready for you!  I have had patients start this plan the day after enrolling.

2. How is it delivered?

All the downloads are delivered directly to you via e-mail. You will receive a Welcome e-mail, which will give you the steps you need to get started and then daily emails when you start. If you choose to work with me, the visits are done in-office or virtually, and all of your starter material and supplements will be prescribed at the same time.

What’s Included In The Program

Do It Yourself:

  • A 7-Day Meal Plan with 10 easy recipes to make
  • A shopping list of foods you can have during the detox
  • Daily email support
  • BONUS: An extra recipe book with even more recipes to try

Price: $29


Do It With Me:

  • A 7-Day Meal Plan with 10 easy recipes to make
  • A shopping list of foods you can have during the detox
  • Daily email support
  • BONUS: An extra recipe book with even more recipes to try
  • Initial onboarding 1:1 consultation
  • Personalized advice on supplements and intensity of the program (depending on your health concerns)
  • A 7-Day Detox Diary + a 4-Day Reintroduction Phase Diary for tracking your daily food, weight and symptom changes!

Price: $199


Here’s what happens after you click that magical button!

  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose to pay with credit card or you can send an e-transfer directly to me if that’s easier.
  • Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your Program details
  • Plus, if you ever have any questions, you get a direct line to contact me.



Yes, however, the detoxification process can be quite intense and is not recommended for everyone. This program is NOT right for you if you have diabetes, are pregnant or nursing, have kidney, liver, or heart disease, or are a child or elderly person. If you are unsure if this program is right for you, please discuss it with your healthcare provider.


Within the first few days, you may experience a dip in mood and energy. You may feel a bit uncomfortable or short-tempered. These symptoms are all completely normal. The key is to keep eating and drinking fluids. By day 4 or 5, you can expect to see improvements in sleep, mood, energy, and digestion.


Low intensity exercise, such as walking or yoga, can be performed during this program. High intensity exercise may cause symptoms to worsen and is NOT recommended, as your body is eliminating unwanted toxins already and exercise can speed up the process.


No problem, to help keep you on track I’ve included daily e-mails of encouragement, green veggie recipes and tips on how to be even more successful during the week. Don’t get discouraged, keep eating and drinking fluids. If you fall behind, just continue where you left off.  


Considering giving yourself 1-2 days for meal prep  and then just 1 week, that’s it! Results are fairly quick, and soon after you will be ready for the 4-day reintroduction phase.